Problems with Subscription
Problems with Subscription
1. I purchased a subscription but the app is still "locked"
Most likely, you haven't registered a CoinKeeper profile (subscription goes with a profile only). To register your profile after the purchase is done, go to the side “Menu” section of the app and tap the “Registration” button.
When the registration is completed, log on into your profile and access all the Premium subscription options.
2. I want to cancel automatic renewal.
To cancel autorenewal of the subscription go to settings on your iPhone or iPad → iTunes Store and App Store → click on Apple ID → select "View Apple ID" → click on "Subscriptions" → CoinKeeper → "Cancel Subscription".
3. How to check the status of my subscription?
You can check the status of the subscription in the "Profile" section. Click the Pencil icon next to your email. There you can view and manage the term of the subscription, change your login or password and also log out.
4. I haven’t received an email with a password after registration.
If you didn’t receive an email with a password after registration in the web version (or after an attempt to recover the password in the application or in the web version), check whether the letter from CoinKeeper went to in the Spam or Promotion actions folders.
5. I have entered a wrong email at registration.
1. Open the side Menu and in the top line click the Pencil icon which is next to your email. That gets you to the "Profile" section
2. Go to the “Change Data” section and enter the new email address in the “Email” field instead of the wrong email address.
3. In the field "Password" enter your current password.
4. Click the “Change” button in order to save the changes.
Now you can log into CoinKeeper using your new email address and your current password.
If something went wrong at payment or registration, the support team will help you to deal with it. Email us at help@coinkeeper.me, attaching a screenshot of the payment receipt and the email address which you want to use to create an account.
Please, identify your device and the version of an operating system on it in your email to the support team