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Shared / Family Accounting of Finance
The possibility of conducting family accounting of finance is the premium option in CoinKeeper and is available only if you have a subscription.
In CoinKeeper you can use one account at the same time on several devices. Data between them will be synchronized.
For the general accounting of finance, it’s enough to have one Premium subscription for all members.
1. Get one Premium subscription
2. Register a profile on CoinKeeper.
3. Install CoinKeeper on the devices of every person you are going to keep the general account with.
4. Log on into the profile created by you from all the devices. (side Menu —> Log In).
The application will synchronize data with the server. All operations brought by other users will be displayed on your device, and they will be able to see all operations made by you.
There is no possibility to define transaction to a certain family member on CoinKeeper application yet, but you can use tags to separate different types of operations. We have an article on Medium where we describe different ways of keeping family account.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to set up access for some family members only to certain accounts / categories at this point. We are in the process of working in order to create more flexible family accounting of finance. We will try to bring all your requests to life in CoinKeeper 3.