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Important! If you set up a password to open the app from your device, it blocks an opportunity to do screenshots in CoinKeeper.
Open the app using password
In order to establish a password for an entrance to the application, open the Menu — "Settings" and turn on the Password function. Create the password and confirm it.
Open the app using Touch ID
If your iPhone or iPad has Touch ID function, you can use it to enter CoinKeeper app.
1. First activate TouchID in the "Settings" on the device.
2. Then open CoinKeeper, go to the Menu — "Settings".
3. Switch a slider at the "Password" to the position "On".
4. Set the password for an entrance to the application. Confirm the creation of the password.
5. After that in "Settings", under the Password section you will see "TouchID" option. Switch a slider to the position "On".