How to set filters in statistics?
You can view the statistics of your operations, having set parameters of display of statistics, for example, statistics on categories, on tags, expenses and income for a certain period.
To view the statistics on certain categories or accounts:
1. Go to the section of the “Menu” -> "Feed".
2. At the top of the screen choose "Add a Filter", then start entering the name of the account or a category necessary to you. Choose the category from a drop-down list.
3. If necessary you can specify the section "Expenses" or "Income", having pressed the “Expenses” and “Income” button over the schedule.
Set the time period through a calendar icon. It will also be displayed in the field of "Add a Filter".
To view the expenses or income on tags, begin to type the name of the tag in the line "Add a filter". Choose the tag necessary to you in a drop-down list, then click on "Expenses and income" and choose the section necessary to you.