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How to clear the account?
For safety reasons, it is impossible to delete all data from the app at once.
If you are a user of CoinKeeper free version, then to delete the app from your device and to download it again from AppStore will be the easiest way of deleting all data for you.
If you are a user of Premium or Platinum version, then in order not to lose a subscription, you need to delete all accounts one by one. When deleting choose the option "Delete all transactions".
1. Click and hold any icon on the main screen of the application for several seconds. You will get to the editing mode.
2. Delete all the accounts one by one, pressing a cross in the right top corner of an icon. In the appeared window choose the option "delete all transactions".
3. In the same way delete also all categories of expenses.
Thus, you will be able to start account "with a clean slate", without losing your Premium or Platinum subscription.