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Goals (savings)
The goals in CoinKeeper represent a certain moneybox where you can save up money for a holiday, apartment, car or other desirable purchases. When the saving process is over, the money will be returned back into your accounts and you will be able to spend them. Therefore, the goals are placed in the same section as expenses, but they are not considered in overall balance.
To add a goal, click on an icon with plus “+” which is on the right of the last expense category. Choose "Coal" on the right of a phrase " Expense Category". The page of the goal editing will be displayed in blue color.
Enter the name of the goal and the sum which you want to save up.
It is possible to transfer money for the goal from different accounts. You will be able to see two types of balance on the account at the same time. The sum of money displayed in yellow shows how much money you have on the account, without the money saved on the purpose. The sum of gray color shows what quantity of money you have taking into account savings.
We transfer 1456 dollars from the account "Business" to the goal "Bicycle", without savings on the account there would be 18000 dollars (the gray sum).
When you click on the goal icon, you will see two sections: “Cancel” and “Accumulated”. In “Accumulated” it is displayed how much from the planned sum you have already saved up. The option "Cancel" allows you to return all money back into accounts without the goal deleting. In the goal history it is displayed when, from what account and what amount of money you transferred, the same as in usual category of expense. To return money on any operation into the account, delete the operation from the “Feed” or the history of the category.
Perhaps, at the moment you have no goal, but you lay off 5% or more from your salary every month with thoughts to spend them when there is a need. With CoinKeeper you have an opportunity not to hold in head how much spare money you have but to invest them in something good at the right time. Thanks to CoinKeeper, you can also record savings for a rainy day or for an unplanned visit to a dentist.