Forgot password or email?
I forgot my password
If you forgot the password from your CoinKeeper profile:
1. Open the CoinKeeper application.
2. Open the side Menu.
3. Click on the “Log In” button —> I have a profile.
4. Enter the email to which your account is tied to.
5. Click on “Forgot password”?
You will receive an email with a link. Click on the link to create a new password.
I forgot my email
If you forgot the email which you used to log on into your CoinKeeper profile:
1. Try to log on using every possible email which you could ever use for registration in CoinKeeper.
2. Make sure that you registered your CoinKeeper profile using this email. Check your mailing. CoinKeeper usually sends letters to the email which was used to create a profile in Coinkeeper.
The mistake “email address does not exist”
1. If the application reports that "email address does not exist", get sure that you registered your CoinKeeper profile using this email. Try to log in the profile, using your other email addresses.
1.1. Make sure that you entered your email address without accidental spaces at the beginning or at the end of the address.
2. Purchasing a subscription in the application does not imply automatic registration in CoinKeeper with your AppleID or your GooglePlay account. In order to attach the subscription to your account, you need to be registered in the application.
If this article did not help you, then email us on help@coinkeeper.me. Please, enclose a screenshot of the payment receipt to your letter and write us the email address which you want to be used for profile registration OR which you think was used at registration. If you doubt which email you've used, then we advise you to enclose the list of all your email addresses which you could use at registration in CoinKeeper. Support staff will check each email address in CoinKeeper data base and will inform you on existence of a rerestarted subscription. We also ask you to name your device and the version of the operating system on it anytime you contact support.